Thursday, April 16, 2009

[Wrestling] WWE Supplemental Draft 2009 Thoughts (2 of 4)

Carrying on with picks 7 thru 12.

7 - From ECW or SD! to RAW - Nikki Bella:  One of the Bella twins who I'm actually not entirely sure WHICH show she's coming from... she has been prominently featured on both ECW and SD! for the past several months alongside her sister, the Colons and the team of Mike Mizanin and John Morrison.  Regardless, she'll be more fodder for multi-woman tag matches each week on RAW.

8 - From RAW to SD! - Candice Michelle:  Another female wrestler being moved.  About a year or so back, Candice was showing incredible amounts of improvement in the ring, unfortunately she was sidelined with an injury.  Upon her return, she seemed a lot more self-aware in the ring, leading to a sloppier style.  The taped, SmackDown! broadcast should be a welcome change for her rather than the live Monday Night Raw.  She should do well there.

9 - From SD! to ECW - Zack Ryder:  One of the indistinguishable Edgeheads leaving behind the other indistinguishable Edgehead should be a great boon to both of their careers.  I honestly couldn't tell you which one this is.  Hopefully this change will fix that.

10 - From SD! to RAW - Chavo Guerrero:  Well *somebody* has to push new Raw General Manager, Vicki Guerrero's wheelchair... may as well be Chavo.  I see him playing a similar role as Jamie Noble... a lower-midcard heel hurdle for an up and coming babyface.

11 - From ECW to SD! - Ricky Ortiz:  This new face should help freshen up the SD! midcard a decent amount.  Hopefully this time around the announce team will know who he is.  I think he could be over pretty well as a fan-pandering heel.  He has a "towel waving" fan-gimmick at the moment (like the Pittsburgh Steelers, kinda) which doesn't look like it's doing all that well... I'd like to see him acting heelish and still thinking the fans are behind him.

12 - From RAW to SD! - Layla:  Well, she wasn't doing too much for William Regal, who she had been seconding on Raw.  I think she'll have a better chance to flourish on SmackDown! rather than being stuck in the multi-woman tag matches that seem to occupy the Raw women's division.

More to come...

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