Thursday, April 16, 2009

[Wrestling] WWE Supplemental Draft 2009 Thoughts (1 of 4)

Here's another Wrestling Related entry... I was going to wait, however, it's pretty topical as the Supplemental portion of the 2009 Draft was held earlier today/yesterday (Noon, est. - Wednesday).

I'm not sure if they're kayfabing the respective General Managers "choosing" the draftees, or if it's straight "lottery" much like the televised portion from this past Monday Night Raw.

Anyhoo... on to the picks... there are 24 in total.  This post will tackle the first 6.

1 - From SmackDown! (SD!) to RAW - Mr. Kennedy:  Last I'd heard, he was contemplating retirement.  He seems to be a guy who gets drafted every year... gets injured early into his push, and remains on the sidelines until the next draft.  I would have rather seen him go to ECW, to maybe take on a "Franchise" type character, like Shane Douglas in the original.

2 - From RAW to SD! - Shad Gaspard:  I think this guy could be big on his own.  He has an impressive and imposing size... plus he doesn't make the ridiculous faces his Cryme Tyme partner does.  Best of all, I won't have to hear (Raw ring announcer) Lillian Garcia introduce "Crahhhhm Tahhhm" in her faux "street".

3 - From ECW to SD! - Alicia Fox:  No real thoughts on this one... it's too bad they're seperating her from her act's male counterpart, DJ Gabriel (a dancing gimmick, oddly reminiscent of WCW's Alex Wright).

4 - From SD! to RAW - Primo Colon:  This one's confusing, as Primo (along with his brother Carlito) just recently (WM25) unified the World Tag Team titles... which I assumed meant they would float from show to show, much like the "Undisputed World Champion" did in the early days of the brand-split.  I'll have to wait a bit before making any judgment on this one.

5 - From RAW to SD! - Mike Knox:  With the Big Show moving over to Raw, it makes sense to move the smaller "monster" character to the other show.  The change should do him some good... his last several showings on Raw have been jobs to Rey Misterio.

6 - From SD! to ECW - Ezekial Jackson:  I don't really like this one.  As the bodyguard for The Brian Kendrick, Jackson served a purpose.  In ECW, I really can't see him reaping any benefits.  His appeal is that he's a large bodyguard type character... in ECW he'll be sharing TV time with Mark Henry and the recently drafted Vladimir Koslov.  I don't see him measuring up, no pun intended.

Will continue tomorrow.


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I dn't think the WWE said anything about the tag team champs floating. Carlito got drafted to raw to

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